Kakran... The Pottery Village

Adjacent to Savar lies, the traditional pottery village Kakran. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit this village with North South University Photography Club. It was my first outing with the new Nikon D90 setup and my eyes were craving for the Klikz !

The village used to be famous for its pottery works. Earlier, when there was widespread use of pots & utensils made from the clay, most of the people of this village used to be potters. But now, only few families are holding this profession as their living.

Our journey started with a short boat trip to enter the village. We explored the place through the narrow alleys between pottery residences. Since it was Friday afternoon, most of the craftsmen were found resting. Though we saw a good number of potters working in their regular way.

This is the village "Kakran" which is so called famous for its craft works

One of the very few surviving craftsman family

Potters use wheel to fashion various kinds of clay products, which then dried in the sun and later are heated in the furnace

A traditional potter's house

Working in the field is also a part of the potters' life

We play with the clay !
We stay with the clay !!
Clay is our World...
that's all we can say !!!

Clay pots... the mostly produced item

Though she is not involved directly in the profession... she is unconsciously being tied to the age old family life cycle

Usually the aged persons of the family do designing works in the clay products

Piggy banks made by clay

Working from dawn to dusk and compiling the finished products in the front yard of the house

Good Bye Friends... That's all from the journey to the pottery village !!!

Ayna... amar AYNA !!

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